Workshop page updated

Update: The full programme is now also available! The subpage on the workshop “Interreligious Connectivity – Digitally Explored” has been updated with exact location, zoom-Link, and keynote speaker details. Take a look.

Workshop is coming

I recently received the good news that my application for conference funding has been approved by the Carlsberg Foundation. I will therefore be hosting a workshop at Copenhagen University 17th to 19th April 2024 (see Workshop). The CfP has also been released (see top menu).

Running as a Reel

The DHNB conference 2023 (6th to 10th of March) Summary: Take a look at the DHNB conference this week – it sounds pretty good! This week, the 2023 Digital Humanities in the Nordics and Baltics (DHNB) Conference is taking place (online). Its topic is Sustainability: Environment – Community – Data. On Monday (6th) and Tuesday… Continue reading Running as a Reel

Linked (Open) Data Projects in Religious Studies – An incomplete list

In studies on historical, religious texts, references occur frequently and quite naturally. For example, Christian authors will frequently cite the bible, Muslim authors will refer to the Qur’an. Documenting these references as linked data, however, is not self-understood. Issues regarding text copy rights naturally apply, so the question also remains, which corpora can be mined.… Continue reading Linked (Open) Data Projects in Religious Studies – An incomplete list

Epiphany of the month: It’s just an index. Or is it?

Summary: I realized my goal might just be to create an extended index. But this is not necessarily bad. The goal of this project is, in a sense, completely unoriginal. This is not only a deeply seated fear of every researcher, it is also an epiphany that came up to me lately. Connecting texts, authors,… Continue reading Epiphany of the month: It’s just an index. Or is it?

Why Reference, Re-Use, and Argumentative Patterns?

The key idea of the OTRA project is to describe the discourse between Christianity and Islam with the help of three layers: reference, re-use, and argumentative patterns. But why these three? Summary: Reference and re-use are central ingredients when compiling religious, polemical text. Cross-correlating them with the argumentational structure allows to study the development of… Continue reading Why Reference, Re-Use, and Argumentative Patterns?

Why An OTRA Blog?

This blog documents reflections, progress, and some results of my 2-year Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship at the University of Copenhagen. The goal of my project is to develop a Digital Humanities standard to record and exchange knowledge in the research field of Christian-Muslim Religious Encounters (CMRE), and to test it on selected examples. The Christian-Muslim religious… Continue reading Why An OTRA Blog?

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